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Some Irreverent Questions

  • If "progress" is a euphemism for endless economic growth, and growth devours nature, then why do so many "environmentalists" call themselves "progressive"?

  • If "conserving" is protecting something from damage, destruction or depletion, then why do so many destroyers of nature call themselves "conservative"?

  • Why is it that those who build machines to destroy nature are celebrated as "entrepreneurs," while those who tear down such machines are condemned as environmental "extremists"?

  • Why is the destruction of life support not called "extreme"?

Book Nook

Read about these topics from a few excellent authors:

The Faustian Bargain of Modernity
Capitalism and the Nature of Power
New Age Narcissism
Mexican Immigration

How does scarcity look from the stratosphere?

Sing it, Vera!

“When the lights go out again ...
All over the world ...
And the ships will sail again ...”

Are you ready for Peak Oil?

Myths of abundance die hard in a culture of productivism.

The Wingnut from Alaska

Meanwhile, the "card-carrying" electoralists of the Green Party call for "revolution" as the remedy.  Is that what we really need, or is that just another version of the recently affirmed right to assisted suicide?

A Slice of the Green Party

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